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Vacuum Tubes - Electronic Valve

We are stockist of a wide range of Vacuum Tubes. classifications are: by frequency range (audio, radio, VHF, UHF, microwave), by power rating (small-signal, audio power, high-power radio transmitting),, by design (e.g. sharp- versus remote-cutoff in some pentodes), by application (receiving tubes, transmitting tubes, amplifying or switching, rectification, mixing), special qualities (long life, very low microphonic and low noise audio amplification, and so on).

Electronic Valve

The 833A is a Vacuum tube constructed for medium power oscillator or class B or C amplifier applications. It is a medium-mu power triode with 300 watts CCS or 350 watts ICAS anode dissipation. The long grid and anode leads, plus high internal capacitance, limits this tube to 15-30 MHz maximum frequency. Being medium mu, it is normally not suitable for grounded grid operation.