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Electronic Valve


We are stockist of a wide range of Vaccum Tubes.

Classifications are:
  • by frequency range (audio, radio, VHF, UHF, microwave)
  • By power rating (small-signal, audio power, high-power radio transmitting)
  • By design (e.g., sharp- versus remote-cutoff in some pentodes)
  • By application (receiving tubes, transmitting tubes, amplifying or switching, rectification, mixing)
  • Special qualities (long life, very low microphonic and low noise audio amplification, and so on).

We stock & provide a wide range of Electronic tubes/Valves that find use in medical instruments, Industrial purposes, amplifiers, etc.
Eg. 2D21, El 84, 6L6 , GZ 34, BEL 813 ,BEL 833, ECC81, ECC82, EF89, 2K25 etc
From manufacturers like - Philip, Mullard, BEL, RCA, Siemens etc

Other Information :
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer), Western Union, Other
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Port of Dispatch: Mumbai
  • GST: 18%

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